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ID Badge Essential Oil Diffuser

ID Badge Essential Oil Diffuser

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Essential oils on the go, attach right to your ID badge!

Now you can keep your favorite scent close with a SassyScented ID Badge Diffuser. Perfect for the healthcare worker who welcomes stress relief in addition to some defense against the not-so-nice smells!

To use, open the diffuser's magnetic lid, place a pad inside with a few drops of oil and clip to the metal loop at the base of your badge. You can experience aromatherapy throughout the day and benefit from its healing properties. Not at work? Attach it to your key chain or purse strap, place in your car or anywhere you would like to enjoy it.

Includes: TITANIUM STEEL Tree of Life SassyScented ID Badge Diffuser, 10 felt pads and organza gift bag.

Essential oils, ID badges and extra oil pads sold separately.


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